Moravian Falls - The Fantastic Adventures Of Dr Domo

For only $20, you'll get 312 pages of suspense, excitement, and illustrations!

It is 1965, and the beautiful Taino behique named Guabonito, finally meets with Dr. Domo again. She lures him away from his university students and his wife, while on a school trip to the Caribbean. Guabonito is more than 500 years old, but her youth from the days of Columbus have been well preserved, and she chooses Dr. Domo to share her powerful gift. It is a power that was given by God to the earliest Taino thirty-five hundred years ago, and shared with a select few over the centuries. He never imagined that going up into the mountains of the Dominican Republic to interview a Taino behique about the old native culture, would turn his world upside down. But when he returns to Santo Domingo, the flames of the Dominican revolution have engulfed their hotel villa, his wife can not be found, and he has to rescue the students. He must learn to harness his new powers, so he can find her, while also protecting his grandson from evil forces.The clues to who kidnapped Daniella, are in the pouches with the needles. Which eye of the needle holds the answer, and who will help Dr. Domo?


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